10 Essential Outfit-of-the-Day (#OOTD) Tricks

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10 Essential Outfit-of-the-Day (#OOTD) Tricks

Outfit-of-the-day Instagram photos, with the hashtag OOTD, is definitely a thing. Whether you’re a teenager, a twenty-something yuppie, a 30-year old fashionista, or a middle-aged person who fancies herself a trendsetter on social media, there are several tricks you can do to make your OOTD Instagram posts that much more flattering and engaging.


Consider the lighting


When it comes to photography, lighting is everything. Your beautiful outfit, your camera—they won’t matter without the appropriate lighting to help capture the color and the majesty of the object being photographed.


Even if you have your Instagram photo pinned down to the last detail, the lighting can make or break the entire shot. Keep in mind that natural light is your best friend when it comes to selfies and #OOTD photos.


Location, location, location


Real estate is not the only industry that understands the importance of location. The art of selfies and #OOTDs also hold location to a higher regard when it comes to maximizing each and every shot. A simple trick to make sure your outfit gets the viewer’s attention is to stand in front of a plain wall.


Using plain walls as a background for your #OOTD shot is not the only solution though. Any plain and simple background, a field of green grass, a wall of trees, even a shelf of old books should work so long as they don’t drown out the color and tone or take away the attention from your outfit.


Practice, practice, practice


They say practice makes perfect. These words could not be more relevant when it comes to photoshoots, even if said photoshoot is only for #OOTD pictures for social media. If you’re using your smartphone to take photos of your outfits, make sure you familiarize yourself with the various effects and settings of your smartphone camera app.


You may also want to checkout different photo editing apps in the Play Store (Android) or the App Store (iOS) to help bring your photo editing game to the next level.


Try different angles


Don’t settle for just one angle when taking a photo of your most recent outfit of the day. You may think a straight on photo of your outfit is good enough, but you shouldn’t settle. Try other angles to make sure you’re getting the best and most flattering pictures for your #OOTD Instagram upload.


Keep things casual


Unless you’re dressing up for a party, #OOTD photos are usually more relaxed and informal. It’s best to take the casual route when choosing your outfit and taking that perfect Instagram shot. Remember, the point here is to show off your outfit to your followers, and there’s no need to bend over backwards just to get that perfect shot.


Remember the details


Whether you’re doing your mini photoshoot outdoors or indoors, don’t gloss over the finer aspects of your outfit. Don’t wrap your mini photo op without snapping a few images of your shoes, maybe your bag, and of course your jewelry. This way you’ll have more inspiring images to post on your Instagram feed.


Take lots of pictures


Whoever is taking the photos of you in your outfit, make sure to have them snap as many shots as possible, while you make small or slight changes to your pose. This is also a great opportunity for the person taking the pictures to try different angles to find the best #OOTD shot possible.


Making slight movements while snapping a ton of photos will also help you and the person taking the pictures get the most of whatever available light there is.


Don’t just stand there


Standing around, making poses and slight movements, it’s the most common position when taking pictures. However, it’s not the only position that will highlight your outfit. If you want to take the best and most flattering pictures of your outfit, try sitting down. There is no rule out there that says #OOTD posts have to be done standing up.


So if you really want to get the most out of your mini photo op, you should try a seated position from time to time and see how it looks.


Use filters wisely


Instagram filters, default camera app filters, and third-party photo editing app filters, incorporating cool visual effects on photos has never been easier. But just because all these tools are easily available doesn’t mean you have to use them every single time.


Using filters can enhance an image, but you have to use them wisely. For instance, if you want the colors of your outfit to really pop, you can add a monochrome or B&W effect to the background, leaving the colors of your outfit untouched. Just remember filters don’t always work in every photo or every outfit. Sometimes, the #nofilter works better.


Shop for inexpensive yet trendy outfits


Look, if you’re going to maintain a #OOTD feed on Instagram, you’re going to have to shop for clothes later down the road just to supplement this effort. And if you’re going to that, you better have a cheap and reliable source of quality clothing.


If you happen to reside in Cagayan de Oro, then you’re in luck. The city is replete with clothing stores and boutiques that offer quality clothing for a reasonable price. One of the oldest and most trusted stores of these is Ororama. If you check out their department store, you won’t have trouble finding the trendy clothes you want at a low price.


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