6 Fashion Tips for Really Cold Weather

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6 Fashion Tips for Really Cold Weather

It’s officially sweater weather. The Ber months are in full swing and nights and early mornings are getting colder. The cold months don’t always mean coffee and cozy blankets, however. Cold nights can be unbearable and leave you in a crumpled, shivering mess. If you’re worried about sacrificing fashionable choices to stay warm, this guide is for you.

  1. Layer up.

We live in a tropical archipelago. Our bodies are naturally suited for the tropical sun. You’re going to need extra layers to stay warm. It’s really the answer to your cold weather dressing woes, but still looking stunning is the challenge.

The first step is to choose an inner layer that warms your core. In the cold, our bodies automatically want to keep our core warm, which is why our limbs, fingers, and toes get less love from our body’s natural heating system. Consider a top that covers your chest, then thin layers that trap a good amount of heat. Layering up without looking bulky is always a step towards fashionable comfort. If you’re feeling a little risqué, go ahead and show a little bit of chest, but keep a scarf handy.

If you’re going to be indoors where it’s warmer at some time of the day, choose layers that you can easily peel back.

Leggings made of a thick fabric are a great choice, but if you’re going with thin ones, pair it with a dress or shirt dress.

Sweaters and hoodies will never go out of style. Wear it with a skirt and legging combo to look extra cute or chic, or your favorite skinny jeans and a pair of boots.

  1. Cover your extremities.

As we mentioned, our body prioritizes its core during the cold, so consider accessories that cover your hands, feet, neck, and head. No matter how many coats you wear, the cold will bother you if your fingers and toes are freezing. Invest in a scarf, hat, socks, and gloves. It’s easy to mix and match with hats and scarves. They can even turn up your look. Some of the most popular hat choices today are fedoras, beanies, flat-billed hats. Wearing your beanie or flat bill a little towards the back of your head instantly makes you look cooler.

Socks will keep your feet warm, and if closed shoes aren’t your thing, there are actually surprising ways to make socks look great with open-toe sandals and heels. Fingerless gloves are useful for dexterity when temperatures are low as they do not constrict your hands.

  1. Get a coat you’ll love.

A good coat will serve you well every day. If your chosen coat is rather thin, then wear a thick inner layer. Get creative with coats. Your choices are endless.

A leather jacket or even leather accents will instantly make any outerwear look stunning.

For extra oomph, wear a belt around your coat. Sometimes, it’s small things that create a huge difference in your look. Belting your dresses and clothes will turn a boring piece into a stylish outfit.

Even if you can’t find the right top to match your pants, wearing matching accessories can be a tremendous idea. Mixing and matching your shoes, hat, bag, and jewelry is a foolproof way to be decked in style.

  1. Invest in the right footwear.

Inclement weather may lead to stepping into puddles and getting your feet wet. Protect your feet from environmental pollutants by wearing proper footwear, but stay classy doing it. Boots and chunky platforms will be your best friend, and they’ll let you steal the show. Nothing is more attractive than stepping into a room and sporting hot and eye-catching shoes.

  1. Choose the right colors.

Colors play an important part in fashion. The colors you choose can say so much about yourself. There are countless ways to approach colors, so here are a few ideas:

  • Contrasting colors can do wonders. Pair a dark top with a light bottom, or a dark bottom with light shoes. There are so many possibilities.
  • With earthy colors, everything almost always matches and you likely won’t spend so much time preparing to step out. The secret to making neutral colors work is to throw in a fun or edgy twist and pair them with warm shades. You also will not go wrong with whites and blacks.
  • Colors that pop. The best way to tackle bright colors is to look at the color wheel. Bright yellow jeans, for example, will be easier on the eyes if you wear it with a cool shade, such as olive green. Likewise, a turquoise sweater is going to look beautiful with a honey-colored bottom.

If you’re really serious about fashion, there’s always room for more clothes in your cabinet. So, use these tips and go shopping today. You can start by browsing through the local malls. One of these is Ororama. The long-established department store has a wide array of apparel you can choose from.


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