9 Beauty Gifts You Can Find at the Mall

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9 Beauty Gifts You Can Find at the Mall

Gifts are a good way to express how you feel to somebody. It expresses love, gratitude and fondness for a person, even if it isn’t necessarily their birthday or a special occasion. Because actions speak louder than words, the functionality and importance of the item you’re going to give away should be taken into consideration. How long will the item last? What color should you buy it in? Questions like this help to narrow down your gift choices. Beauty products help to improve our self-confidence and our self-care, which is what you’d definitely want as a gift. You can normally find these choices at the mall, more specifically at the Ororama Supercenter, where everything under the sun can be found there!


Here are our top nine beauty gifts you can find at the mall!


1. Beauty soap


Dove Soap

You can never go wrong with soap. Everybody wants to feel fresh and fragrant so getting a person beauty soap as a gift can definitely be handy for them. You can even choose from a variety of brands such as Dove, Cetaphil, Kojie San, GlutaMAX, and many more. At the end of the day, a beauty soap only aims to keep your skin clean and healthy, which is why it’s a good product to give away.


2. Hairbrush


Hairbrush Set

Does the person you’re going to buy a gift for have messy hair? Or is in constant need of a comb? If so, then a hairbrush is the perfect gift you can give to them. There are many different types of brushes such as the detangling brush, the round brush, the paddle brush, the smoothing brush and many more. Just make sure to get the right brush for that person so they’re more likely to use it all the time.


3. Body wash


Nivea Body Wash

Body wash, similar to beauty soap, has the same benefits. The only difference is that it’s softer than soap and contains fragrances and preservatives that can help to prevent bacteria growth on a person. Body wash is practically soap and lotion combined and it can come from different brands such as Dove, Olay, Nivea, and Cetaphil.


4. Eyeshadow palette


EB Eyeshadow Palette

If you’re planning to give somebody an eyeshadow palette as a gift, then you’re definitely on the right track. You can never do wrong with a palette, as long as you know the person’s preferred shades. Eyeshadow helps to give volume and dimension to a person’s eye, making them pop out and attract people’s attention to the windows of their soul.


5. Perfume bottle

Blackwater Perfume

A bottle of somebody’s favorite fragrance or perfume is definitely one of the go-to’s for people buying gifts for their friends. Not only does it mean you’ve kept in mind the specific scent they like but it also means you are in agreement with their choice in perfume. However, there are also a variety of fragrances made available under brands such as dewy, exotic misty, and many more.


6. Eye patches


Eye Mask

An eye mask helps to prevent wrinkles, puffiness and dark circles from appearing under your eyes. If you don’t want a friend looking exhausted or lethargic, then you should definitely be wrapping this gift right now. It can definitely improve the overall look of a person by the next morning.


7. Brush set


Brush Set

Different types of brushes are meant for a variety of strokes and blends. It’s unhygienic and counterproductive to only have one brush for your entire makeup kit, which is why buying this as a gift for a friend lets it have a multifunctional purpose in terms of its application and arrangement.


8. Nail color set


Caronia Nail Polish

If you’ve got a friend who changes their nail colors every few days or weeks, then buying a nail color set will definitely make them happy. Not only will you help them save up a few cash by preventing them from heading into the salon but you’re also giving them something they genuinely love and cherish.


9. Hand cream


Nivea Hand Cream

Dry skin is something everybody hates, which is why hand cream is part of our top beauty gifts to buy. It gives the skin of your hands moisturizing properties, which help to prevent chaffing and chapping. A good item to give out, since it helps protect your skin from harsh sunlight.


When you want to present a gift to a special person, then you need to go the malls. Ororama Supercenter is one such place and is located conveniently behind Xavier University.

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