Christmas Shopping at Ororama

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Christmas Shopping at Ororama

Since the Christmas season is almost here, I’ve started planning my shopping trips to Ororama. This early, they’ve already started displaying decorations and gift items perfect for the holidays. And since I want to make sure I’ll get everything I need, I already included some of these items in my list.


I usually look for bags and wallets that I can give as gifts to relatives and friends. Ororama has a lot of them – all high quality, fashionable, and affordable brands. The most affordable handbag that I bought was a black and red one that I gave to our househelp. It was very fashionable; you wouldn’t believe how much it cost me – only PhP100!


I also like buying gifts from Ororama’s men’s department. My husband now has a lot of shirts from Ororama. One of his favorite pairs of shorts was bought from there.


From the ladies’ department, my favorites are the fashionable clothes and accessories from the Orange Collection. You can actually complete your wardrobe – your closet – with just the items from the collection. The clothes are made of first-class materials and the designs range from the classic to the most hip and modern.


If you shop during the holiday rush, especially as Christmas Day draws near, you’ll find a lot of surprises. Buy one, take one items; half-priced goods; and other similar specials. For two straight Christmases, I’ve been buying buy one, take one stuffed toys – the most affordably priced of which was a pair of teddy bears that I bought for less than PhP100!

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