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Guide to Shopping For Clothes

Hey there Ororama shoppers! With the year just starting, everyone is in the vibe for new beginnings. It is the time to finally do that New Year’s resolutions that have been stacked for the past New Year’s. Because, why not? Everyone has the right to begin again and start anew. Time to try out new stuff that has not been done before, do things that were originally just plans and stayed that way, finish that forgotten TV-series, cook up that new recipe, and many others more; there are endless possibilities.

Left behind and don’t know where to start? Worry not, Ororama got you covered. Let us start with something closer to personal – your clothes. People dress to impress. It is a statement that describes who you are as a person in society. Now you do not need to be the Madonna of fashion to be fashionable or decent when going out. One just needs to figure the right stuff and wear the right thing or two to portray that solid expression. After all, you are who you are – but clothes make you better. But which dress should you wear? And which shoes should you fit? There are a lot of options that it is just scary to be wrong right? Well, worry not again, we also got that covered; here is our guide to shopping for clothes.

1. The “trend”

Now don’t get me wrong, it does not mean that it is on trend then you should wear it. Most trends are best for certain types of people with certain kinds of body types. We Asians are typically of short stature compared to our western idols. If the trend fits you well and your personality then go with it, buy sets that would match the kind of look you want to give based on that trend. If you want to be sporty and active then wear clothes that match those all the way. Don’t mix up your blouse or checkered shirt with that of your jogging pants and black shoes. Though one can argue that fashion is free, it is up to you if you want to be out there filled with confidence and assurance or be filled with looks of controversy. What matters most is your compatibility with the trend, not the trend itself for it mostly dies out at a later time.

2. Shop when you can and not when you need to

Shopping for clothes is not like your usual trip to the grocery store. You don’t buy the same stuff over and over again for a certain period. There is a change. Be it the weather, the trend, the occasion – there are many reasons why one changes the kinds of clothes bought. This is exactly why you should shop when you can and not when you need to. Shopping for clothes when you already need to is like a to-do-list, you become more objective and narrowed, you are pressed on time, and you have the urge to finish the task quickly. Shopping for clothes does not work that way, when you shop when you can then you see more options and become more open-minded for you are not pressed with time. You get to see more products and try them out before even buying them. You can also easily adjust what you want and how you want it to be. It is a liberating feeling and when you feel that way then most of the time you are making the right choice in which clothes to buy.


3. Size matters; past, present, and future.

Of course, size is a no brainer, but we are not talking just about the waistline here. We are talking about length, width, and height. Most people are satisfied buying jeans or pants that fit their waistline just right, expert shoppers know that you minus one to your original size for it to fit perfectly. Culturally in this country, the opposite is done. Most add one to their original size for reasons of future growth and use. This is an inconvenient practice, clothes are meant to be worn for a certain set of time and without a doubt, it is not meant for the generation after you. When you grow older you stop growing and start shrinking, your size now is not “bigger” tomorrow but “shorter”. Buy clothes that are not just minus one of your original sizes but one that is also proportionate in length and width. If you are a tall person then go with jeans that hit at least your ankle, outgrowing your pants would look ridiculous. If you are short, make sure your jeans don’t hit the floor.


Did that ease up your hesitations? Then you are good to go! You are now a bona fide expert shopper of clothes. So what are you waiting for? Go and visit Ororama to try out all those wonderful envisioned fashion statements you have. Let loose, the world is your stage.

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