Make a Bold Statement with Orange—The Rising Trend in Fashion

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Make a Bold Statement with Orange—The Rising Trend in Fashion

If you’re a big fan of the color orange, then you’re in for a treat. Ororama is launching its very own orange clothing line—ranging from shirts and pants to bags and even shoes! Everything orange-related, you can find in Ororama. In the fashion industry, a variety of trends come and go. What might be trendy now can easily lose its appeal a few months later. However, 2019 has seen the rise of some new fashion statements. A few examples of these are the bike shorts with blazers that swept the world last summer and even the most iconic rainbow shirt designs found in local areas.

But the one fashion trend that we’re here to discuss is the color orange. Each year, the fashion industry becomes obsessed with a certain hue in their catalogue. Back in 2017, red and burgundy attracted the eyes of millions, especially with how sophisticated and classy the colors make you look. On the other hand, 2018 witnessed the rise of the smoky shade of copper-red in the fall/winter collections. Certain colors pop up across the year and set up the fashion trend anybody who is anybody must follow. This year, we’re looking at orange.

Here’s a fun fact about the color—back in the Elizabethan era, orange could only be worn by the nobles. It represented several aspects during that era—the color highlighted the social, religious and biblical symbolism of Christianity. Another meaningful fact about orange can be found in every 25th day of the month. This is known as the “Orange Day” where the United Nations’ campaign project titled UNITE strives to end violence against women.

Whether you like the hue or not, one thing is certain—orange offers a bold statement. It’s vibrant, edgy and fun to look at. Before, people avoided it like the plague due to the way it clashes with some colors. But if you know how to pair your clothes and shades together, then it wouldn’t be such a problem for you. Orange can attract somebody’s attention and can even exude artsy vibes. It also provides a natural look to your style as the color reminds people of seasons passing—the shift from summer to autumn. With orange, you give off an impression that you’re warm and welcoming, providing an aura of coming home from a long day of work.


We all know that our clothes say a lot about personalities. People tend to radiate to the ones who exude bright and happier arrays of emotions. With orange, you can achieve this kind of aura. Accordingly, wearing orange can make you seem like a social butterfly who is well liked by their peers and can make friends easily. And if you’re not that person, it still wouldn’t to try the color, right?

Orange is also pleasing to the eyes as it comes in different shades and hues. While some of you might not like orange in the first place due to its vibrant color, you can even experiment a bit. Orange isn’t just orange, after all. It can be apricot, melon, tangerine, peach and many more. These variances in shades and hues help set different trends and statements in the fashion industry. If you don’t want to go full orange, you’re more than welcome to pair it with other colors such as black or even light purple.

One of the best things about having orange as your main color is that you can go crazy with it. Recently, in the fashion industry, we’ve seen actors and models wear orange pantsuits, sherbet-colored suits, quilted coats with orange accents. They pair these up with softer tones and even pure black pants and shirts.

Orange strays from the norm and basks upon the bold. You can catch everybody’s eye with it when you walk down the streets. You can go crazy with the different styles and ways to wear it. If you want, you can even go soft with its more subdued shades, such as peach and melon. Orange opens several possibilities for you to try and be more creative in what you wear and show to the world.

This is why you should check out Ororama’s new orange clothing line. You’ll find different clothes all with a bevy of variances of the color. Unlock your creative potential to match orange with the colors you like and use the world as your own personal runway.


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