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My Ororama Shopping Adventures

One of the times Ororama saved me was when my high school friends and I were looking for a particular pair of sneakers for our alumni homecoming dance. This was around five years ago. Our motif was rock and roll in the 80s and we needed several pairs of red or black sneakers. The flat one; the one that was popular (and fashionable) back in the 80s.

We had been going around the stores in the Cogon area the entire morning when we decided to check out Ororama. And true enough, we found what we were looking for there. We even bought several fishnet stockings to add to our 10 pairs of red sneakers. You know how much each pair of that sneakers cost? Only PhP199! We did not only get what we need, we also got them for a really affordable price.

My red sneakers are still with me today.

Another fun Ororama shopping adventure was when I was looking for affordable Christmas decorations. We didn’t have enough budget that year but still wanted to dress up the house for the holidays. After going to the malls, I decided to drop by Ororama to get some groceries. I decided to check out the Christmas decors and to my surprise, I found everything I was looking for. I found Christmas stockings that were half the price of the ones I saw at the mall. I bought two sets of Christmas balls that were way cheaper than the ones I found in another department store. Everything that I bought was at least 40 to 50% cheaper!

To this day, I still use all the decorations I bought at Ororama.

Back in the 80s, Ororama was our Christmas gift shopping destination. I remember my mom and dad bringing us there so we can buy items for our class Kris Kringle. I also remember buying Sanrio stuff and my favorite Snoopy figurine at Ororama.

That was also the time when I’d go to Ororama practically every weekend to buy the newest titles of Sweet Dreams pocketbooks. They were the only ones selling the books then. I’d patiently go over the titles until I found one that wasn’t on our bookshelf yet. I remember spending more or less Php25-PhP30 every week for my books.

Ororama is also our choice for hard-to-find grocery items, especially my husband’s favorite coffee brand – Monk’s Blend. They sell it at more or less PhP50 off its price in other supermarkets.

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