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Guide to Shopping For Clothes

Hey there Ororama shoppers! With the year just starting, everyone is in the vibe for new beginnings. It is the time to finally do that New Year's resolutions that have been stacked for the past...

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Ororama Makes Holiday Shopping Fun

So, you see, Ororama is the best place to go for your holiday shopping. You’ll find most of the items you need and want there – and, yes (again), even the hard-to-find ones. If you’ve...

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My Ororama Shopping Adventures

One of the times Ororama saved me was when my high school friends and I were looking for a particular pair of sneakers for our alumni homecoming dance. This was around five years ago. Our...

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Christmas Shopping at Ororama

Since the Christmas season is almost here, I’ve started planning my shopping trips to Ororama. This early, they’ve already started displaying decorations and gift items perfect for the holidays. And since I want to make...

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10 Essential Outfit-of-the-Day (#OOTD) Tricks

Outfit-of-the-day Instagram photos, with the hashtag OOTD, is definitely a thing. Whether you’re a teenager, a twenty-something yuppie, a 30-year old fashionista, or a middle-aged person who fancies herself a trendsetter on social media, there...

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